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    Shopify POS | Star mPOP | All-In-One | Demo unit



    Please note both the black and white units were used for a photography shoot. It's in brand new condition with less than 10 receipts printed. 

    The Star Micronics mPOP is a receipt printer, cash drawer, and iPad stand: an All-in-One Point-Of-Sale hardware solution with a minimal and sleek design. It is compatible with Shopify, Vend, HikeUp, Lightspeed, Neto and many other POS solutions. 

    With the simplicity of Bluetooth, it connects seamlessly with your iPad to provide you with a modern checkout. A step away from the traditional clunky multi-device POS systems of the past, the mPOP is perfect for fixed retail, pop-ups and trade shows too. 

    The mPOP is the solution when it comes to POS hardware that will fit into the aesthetics of your store. It provides you with fast printing, covers your cash requirements in a compact design, and gives you the freedom to take your iPad anywhere in-store or home to stream at the end of the day. The mPOP comes with our highest recommendation of compatible hardware with Shopify POS as a robust and reliable solution for your bricks and mortar store. 

    Our team has given it a stamp of approval as 'Staff Favourite.' We are sure you will love it as much as we do. It will become a workhorse for your in-store operations, rarely missing a beat. 

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    Check out our tech specs below. 

    Technical Specifications:

    • Printer: 5cm direct thermal with front-loading design
    • Decurl function for printing flat receipts
    • Print Speed: 100mm/s
    • Cash Drawer: 4 upright note holders and flexible 6 or 8 coin slots
    • Internal Power Supply Energy Star
    • mPOP Case Colour: White & Silver 
    • Interface Bluetooth 2.1 & USB
    • Status LEDs (power, error, Bluetooth pairing, etc.)
    • Operating System: iOS 
    • USB Port: 1 slave USB port, 2 x 0.5A USV host, 2 x 1.5A USB host
    • External Dimensions: 308 x 300 x 100mm (w x d x h) 
    • Weight: 3.5kg

    Still have questions? Feel free to get in touch.