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    It’s official. The all-new Shopify POS has launched!


    The coming months are set to be a challenging time for retailers. With the right tools, the world of retail is gearing up for a comeback from the effects of the pandemic, with the retail sector posed to open in Australia. To make the most of this change of pace, you’ll need a point-of-sale that adapts and learns with you. You want something customisable, ergonomic, modern; a POS that will be your closest ally and your best friend in the upcoming months. Introducing the all-new Shopify POS: a system designed for the modern retailer. The best part? It’s free until October 31, 2020. 


    So, I hear you asking, what’s changed?


    Find what you need faster

    No one likes wading through long and confusing menus. With the all-new Shopify POS, you’ll never have to. The new omnichannel search feature searches all channels and highlights the most relevant results for you. Filtered results are then displayed by category so you can jump to the items you need. Tappable areas are large and user-friendly, cutting search time in half and letting your staff get back to what they do best. 


    Smarter inventory management for smarter selling

    Inventory management just got a whole lot easier.With Shopify’s new POS, you can now bundle or discount slow-moving products to prevent unnecessary inventory costs. You can also prioritise selling to move inventory quickly and ease cash flow constraints. 


    You’re getting full access to the numbers 

    Understanding your store’s performance is the best way to stay ahead of the game. With Shopify’s new POS, you now have full access to your daily sales as well as insight into your average order value and number of items per order across all your stores. You can also determine your top-performing products and product types and see who on your team has the best sales record. All of this information and more is available on the Shopify POS mobile app. Pretty neat, right?

    New local pickup options 

    With Shopify’s new POS, pick up has never been easier. Customers can now choose whether to grab their items in-store or curbside, eliminating pesky shipping costs and making pickup easy and convenient. 


    Adapt your point-of-sale to your needs 

    One thing Shopify POS prides itself on is its flexibility. The customisable Smart Grid lets you spotlight apps, discounts, and workflows all from the home screen. Checkout is quick and easy as tiles on the Smart Grid adapt to what is happening in the cart. This is a POS that learns and changes with your needs. There are a number of apps that Shopify offers to make the most out of your POS. 


    Keep customers coming back 

    Shopify’s new POS gets close to the customer with its new customer profiles, allowing you to send relevant reminders and marketing to those who visit your store most. This includes special discounts and previews of upcoming campaigns, which is sure to give you an increase in sales. 


    Get detailed control over staff permissions

    With growing staff counts over multiple locations, it’s hard to feel secure in your financial and customer data. With the new Shopify POS, your information and data are secure. New staff roles and permissions mean that you now have control over what information is available to your team. Empower your staff members with different permissions for different roles. Feel confident that your information is secure. 


    Never lose a sale from lack of in-store inventory 

    No one likes a stockout. With Shopify’s new ship-to-customer feature, it’s easy to search for and sell products from other stores or warehouses and ship them directly to the customer. The checkout is quick and easy as carrier shipping rates are automatically calculated for you.


    Why we love it 

    Flexible and designed with a focus on you, Shopify’s all-new POS was created with the retailer in mind. Say goodbye to stockouts, confusing menus and insecure information, and say hello to the dawn of a new era. The retail world is on it’s way to a magnificent comeback, and Shopify’s all-new POS is here to strap you in and prepare you for the ride.