Shopify POS FAQ's

Does the Shopify card reader work in Australia?

Unfortunately not at this stage. To be able to use the Shopify card reader, you need to have Shopify Payments as your payment gateway. While Shopify Payments has been released in Australia, it is currently only available for online transactions. However, we expect the card reader to be released in the very near future. In the meantime, you are use any eftpos machine or portable card reader, such as PayPal Here.

Which Shopify POS receipt printer should I choose? The TSP654IIBi Bluetooth or the TSP143LAN?

If you are trying to decide which receipt printer to use with Shopify POS, there are currently 2 models available: network and bluetooth. Which one is the best? It really depends on your needs. The TSP143LAN printer is rock solid and works very well in a retail environment. It is simple to setup and works without configuration. All you need to do is plug in your ADSL Wi-Fi* modem and connect the iPad to the wireless network and the Shopify POS App will automatically discover it. The main limitations of the network printer is that as a network cable is required to connect your ADSL wi-fi modem. If it isn’t close to the checkout then you will have to run a cable across your floor or around the sideboards to the checkout.

This is where the Bluetooth model benefits, because of its wireless functionality, a network cable isn’t required. This is particularly suited to trade shows, markets and pop-up events where the access to a router might be limited. It is very simple to setup, reliable and keeps your checkout a bit less cluttered with cables. So if you do have future plans to go mobile with your store, this is the printer for you. If you however have a mortar and bricks store with a checkout that’s not going anywhere and that’s close to your modem, the TSP143LAN Ethernet printer is the one.

How does the barcode scanner work?

The Socket CHS 7Ci barcode scanner is a lightweight, wireless device which connects to Shopify POS through Bluetooth and can scan both digital and printed barcodes. The barcode scanner gives you complete freedom of movement in your retail store, enabling you to scan barcodes quickly and effortlessly up to 10 metres away from your iPad. The Socket Mobile CHS 7Ci barcode scanner is the only scanner we support for scanning one-dimensional barcodes in a Shopify POS system.  At the moment Shopify POS app does not support using the barcode scanner for stocktake purposes. If you do require additional inventory functionality we can help. 


Can I do a stocktake with the barcode scanner?

This is currently not possible with Shopify POS. The barcode scanner is for quickly adding items to checkout.