Made with love in Melbourne



We founded Gorilla Lab based on our shared passion for technology and design.
Camila is the creative half of the GL team, with a background in architecture, design, fashion, and retail. Bryce has travelled the world implementing large scale IT projects for NGOs, governments, and corporations. Together, we understand the importance of building a customer experience that is both well-designed and well engineered.
We are dreamers, brand strategists, and technology experts. We work with independent retailers who are passionate about their products – from street wear fashion labels to international luxury coffee brands – to craft a standout brand experience that works.
We love what we do and where we do it. We’re based in Fitzroy, in the heart of Melbourne, but we work with businesses from around the world.


It’s a partnership
We want your business to succeed, too. We’re here to work with you to understand your needs.
Technology + design
With backgrounds in both areas, we balance tech and design to make sure your store looks great, and works well.
Work smarter
We think you should spend your time and money on the things that will make the most impact, and we can help you make those decisions.
Made in Melbourne with love
We’re proudly based in Australia!
Through to the end
Having troubles with your hardware? A question about your store? Customer service is our priority, and we’re with you every step of the way.