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    1:1 Co-building Shopify Training Package


    Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar merchant looking to take things online or you have a product you’d like to sell on the web- this is the course for you. Through a series of online webinars and “homework assignments”, we’ll take you through the set-up, launch, and operation of a Shopify e-commerce store. 

    This course is ideal for those who:

    • Are ready to seriously commit to launching their online store
    • Have a product that they would like to sell or a brick-and-mortar store that they would like to launch online 
    • Have time for some pre-course work, homework, and 5 scheduled webinars

    You don’t need millions of dollars or thousands of hours to build your Shopify store. Let us guide you through the steps from idea to launching your Shopify store. 


    Before we start, we’ll need to know a little more about you. To begin, we’ll send you a questionnaire to complete with questions about your brand, products, and goals for your online store. We’ll ask you about your existing images, product descriptions, etc. so that we have a good grasp of where you’re at already. 

    It is expected that you spend between 1-3 hours collecting this information, and this info will be due 24 hours before the class begins. 

    Session One

    The first webinar is an overview of Shopify and the basics. We give you access to a development store so that you can start building your store from scratch. Information covered in the first session includes:

    • An overview of Shopify and it’s packages, as well as its apps and add-on costs 
    • How to choose the right theme for your online store
    • How to correctly brand your website 
    • How to add pages and establish easy site navigation 

    At the conclusion of the first session, we will give you 3 to 7 hours’ worth of homework to complete before the next meeting.

    Session Two 

    The second class begins with a homework review and discussion of what was learned in the previous lesson. 

    Next, we will focus on collecting your product information. This means compiling the names, prices, SKU’s, and other information about your products and cataloging them. If you have a large number of products, we will show you the basics and you will be expected to take what you’ve learned and complete this in your own time. 

    The homework for this class will be about 2-4 hours’ worth. However, this will vary depending on the number of products you have in your store. 

    Session Three 

    In our third webinar, we’ll work on optimising your products and product navigation. This means teaching you how to create the perfect page layout for your products and create a collection. During the meeting we will also guide you through the ways website visitors will be navigating your website. 

    We estimate for the homework for this class will take approximately 1 to 2 hours to complete. 

    Session Four 

    Webinar four is a mix of fun and boring. To start with, we take you through the settings and set-up of your cart, checkout pages, and transactional emails. Then, we get to the cool stuff. You’ll learn how to create and add featured content to the homepage of your online store. 

    Now that you’re getting close to launching your store, the homework ramps up a little bit. You will need at least 4 hours to complete the work for this session, depending on how much information you have readily available. 

    Session Five 

    In our final webinars, we will go through the business parts of running your online store. This means showing you how to:

    • Set up your basic shipping settings
    • Set up your taxes
    • Confirm your account information
    • Activate your default payment gateway
    • Add email notifications
    • Install Google Analytics
    • Fulfill orders 


    Post-Course Support 

    After session five, there will be a two-week period for you to work on your development store. This is the time to work on refining and perfecting your online store using the skills learned in the previous sessions. When you feel that you’re pretty much ready for launch, we’ll audit your website and give you tips on how to improve. Over a 30-minute session, we will:

    • Add your domain
    • Add your billing information
    • Add your banking information
    • Turn your website/store ON 
    • Test fulfillment with an actual order, bank deposit, and shipping 

    After this, you’ll take the reigns. Your store will be live and you can start selling your products online.