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    Hardware 101: Shopify Point of Sale Basics

    What do you really need for your retail store, anyways? We break down the basics.

    So, you’ve done it: you’ve turned your passion into a profession and created a business selling products you love. Maybe you’re opening your very first retail store, or you’ve been a shop-owner for years - either way, integrating your in-store Point of Sale (POS) system to your online store and Shopify management system is an essential step. Gone are the days of entering receipts by hand, wasting time writing down your sales logs, and worrying about matching your sales of the day to your database. With a Shopify POS system, everything is seamlessly integrated and safely stored in one cloud-based database.

    You have the Shopify software, and a well-designed retail storefront - what do you need to bridge the gap between the two? Here’s a breakdown of hardware to consider:

    Cash drawer

    Left to right:Nexa cash drawer,Nexa drawer insert,VPOS 350 cash drawer

    A place to safely store all of your hard-earned cash should be at the top of your shopping list. These solid steel, stylish options will blend into the aesthetic of your store to keep your money safe while maintaining a focus on your products.

    A receipt printer

    Left to right:StarMicronics SM-S220i,TSP100ECO USB,TSP654IIBi Bluetooth

    Your customers will want a receipt for their purchase, and you want to be able to make the checkout process as quick and easy as possible. Printers like theSM-t300i Mobile MFI are compact and Bluetooth-compatible, and printers such as the StarTSP143LAN offer solid durability (and a printing speed of 22 receipts/minute!)

    P.S., don’t forget that you’ll needpaper for your printer, too.

    iPad Stand

    Left to right:Windfall stand in bright red,POS Swivel Stand

    Making sales on your iPad through the Shopify web app is the best way to keep all of your sales in one place through the Shopify POS system. Mounting your iPad in a stand makes your checkout center polished and professional. We like the modern look of thisswivel stand, or the simplicity of theWindfall stand, which even comes in different colors to match the look of your brand.

    Barcode scanner

    SocketMobile CHS 7ci Barcode Scanner. Also available in grey and white.

    Speed up your checkout process with this barcode scanner. The SocketMobile CHS 7ci Barcode Scanner is compatible with all the latest software, and it works up to 100 meters from its port, so you can use it anywhere in your store. Each charge cycle lasts for over 19 hours, or about 11,000 scans per charge.

    All in One: Starter Kits & Bundles

    Left to right: POS Standard Kit, Retail Store Complete Kit, Retail Store Starter Kit

    We know there’s a lot on your to-do list, so we’ve simplified the process with our Point of Sale bundles and starter kits. They include all the things you need for your store including many items we mentioned in this article, in one package.

    Have questions about what hardware you need? We’re here to help -get in touch.