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    Best Shopify Apps: Our Top 20 Picks

    Take your Shopify store to the next level! Here’s a list of our favorite apps

    Shopify’s app collection is the best way to enhance your online store, but with over 1,000 options in their app library, it’s hard to know where to start. We’ve created this list to highlight our top 20 favorite and most useful apps:


    If you want to integrate your sales and your emails

    Mailchimp for Shopify


    Mailchimp for Shopify, aka Chimpified, is a free app designed by Mailchimp to connect your Shopify store to your Mailchimp account. You can create targeted emails based on your customer’s demographics and buying patterns, and automated emails makes customer feedback and reviews simple.


    If you want to reward your customers



    One of the most popular apps in the ‘marketing’ category of Shopify, Swell enables store owners to reward customers for over 10 unique actions, such as subscribing to your newsletter or making repeat purchases. Swell integrates with Shopify POS systems, and it’s free for up to 100 orders per month.


    If you’re tired of boring receipts



    Receiptful is an automated e­mail platform for sending receipts to your customers. With features like personalized product recommendations and a refer­-a-­friend module, you’ll be able to maximize sales opportunities even after you’ve made a sale. Receiptful is free for unlimited email receipts.


    Si se desea traducir su tienda



    Expand the reach of your store by translating it into different languages. By using Langify, your store will increase its SEO presence and audience around the world. You can even make multiple domains per language and set the app to auto­detect the language for your customer.


    If you want to sell a t­-shirt with your logo on it



    Your designs, their inventory. If you have a design that you’d love to sell in t­-shirt form, but have no interest in the actual t­-shirt making part of that equation, let Printful do it for you. This California­-based company has more than just t­-shirts; we particularly like their collection of leggings and throw pillows.


    If you want your customers to tell you how they really feel

    Product Reviews

    Product Reviews

    This Shopify­-created app is simple: it adds a customer review option to your products. Product Review is SEO­-friendly, which means more sales and web traffic for your business.


    If your store is more digital than physical

    Digital Downloads

    Digital Downloads

    Digital Downloads, a Shopify­-made app, allows you to sell digital products in your Shopify store. Store owners can set up digital downloads, and customers can mix­ and­ match these with physical products.


    If you’re a social­ butterfly



    One of the most popular apps in the Shopify ‘social’ category, Outfy lets you promote your products to the social media networks of your choice. It integrates with Wanelo, Polyvore, Pinterest, Fancy, Keep, WeHeartIt, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Shopcade, and The Hunt.


    If you want to buy those shoes you just saw on Instagram

    Shoppable Instagram by Foursixty


    If you use Instagram to promote your products, then Shoppable is an essential app to get your customers from browsing to purchasing. Foursixty allows you to create embeddable Instagram galleries in your Shopify store, and customers can shop right away with the Instagram product tagging feature.


    If you want to follow your products around the world



    You’ve made the sent and sent your products out to their new home ­ now what? AfterShip is a free app, used by more than 23,000 Shopify merchants. It allows you and your customers to track orders and view delivery status, and there’s even a delivery notification option.


    If you need a Public Relations person



    With PressKitHero, you can show journalists that you’re the ‘real deal’. This easy­-to­-use app builds a press kit that you can use to promote your store to websites, blogs, and newspapers, and that press coverage means more sales for your business.


    If you’re sending packages across Australia

    Australia Post Shipping Extension

    Australia Post

    Shipping from Melbourne to Sydney? Use this handy app to get the most accurate shipping estimates for your customers through the Australia Post Shipping Extension.


    If you use AliExpress



    By integrating AliExpress and Shopify, more than 2,500 e­-commerce shops have used Oberlo to make over $8million in sales.


    If you’re feeling chatty

    Quick Facebook Live Chat

    Quick Facebook Chat

    Love it or hate it, Facebook is an essential part of business and customer service. Quick Facebook Chat lets you chat with your customers directly, making your customer interactions more personal and immediate.


    If you use Xero for accounting

    Xero App


    Have a Xero account? This Shopify­-created app, Xero Accounting, links your Shopify account and your Xero account to streamline your order data and financial reports. There’s also 24/7 unlimited support and global tax support.


    If you have an announcement to make

    Quick Announcement Bar

    Quick Announcement







    This straightforward app allows you to display banner announcements on your website. From promotions to fun lines of text, Quick Announcement Bar is customizable and even easy to schedule - perfect for daily deals or holiday messaging.


    If you have a lot of international customers

    BEST Currency Converter


    What’s the Australian to U.S. dollar conversion right now? How many Thai baht in a pound? If many of your sales are across country lines, add BEST Currency Converterto make this easier for your customers. The free version includes up to 5 currencies and 3 designs.


    If you’re a data nerd

    Hits Analytics


    Hits Analytics describes itself as ‘Google Analytics meets Facebook Ads on steroids’. This app will show you who your most active users are, which products are the most popular, and how to use your data to build effective Facebook advertising campaigns.


    If your customers keep coming back

    Recurring Billing

    Recurring Billing is the only app on Shopify Apps that offers regular billing for subscription-based products. Companies such as Hallmark, 5­Hour Energy, and La Colombe Coffee all use this app to provide regular products for their customers.


    If you’re feeling lost

    Store Locator Software

    Store Locator

    This app is the only store locator that uses the official Google Maps interface, which makes it accurate and familiar for your users. With Store Locator, you can add multiple store locations, with directions and custom filter options.

    Is there an app you love that you think should be on this list? Let us your favorites, or tell us how we can help you customize your Shopify store.