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    3 Ways product bundling can increase sales

    As Shopify + TradeGecko experts, we work with a range of retailers both online and brick & mortar stores. Having implemented Tradegecko for some of our Shopify clients, we know there are some cool features to help you sell more.

    Tradegecko is a great fit for Shopify merchants who are looking for inventory management, including measuring your cost of goods sold (COGS), calculating stock on hand and being able to report on profit margins accurately. If used to its full potential, Tradegecko can also grow your omnichannel sales and increase your order value. One of our favourite features is product bundling.

    What is product bundling?

    Product bundling is when you offer several items as a combined product. It is also referred to as discount combos, sets, or kits, and it can be a great marketing strategy to implement for your business.

    Why should you be selling product bundles? Here are our top 3 reasons:

    1. Upsell opportunities. In a nutshell, it gives you the opportunity to offer discount combinations to your customers with additional products that they might take interested in. Your customers get better value for money, and it increases your order value.
    1.  Convenience.With one click, customers can buy a set of products without having to search through your store and add each item to the cart individually. For example: a party supply store might sell a range of plates, drinking cups and cutlery in the same style. Instead of presenting a customer with pop-up upsells or relying on related products, you help remove the distractions and offer a single, well-organized bundle. In the example above, you can go a step further and create packages based on the number of guests.
    1. Customer experience. By curating products that go together into bundles, you can help the customer to make sure they’re checking every item off their shopping list, such an SD card for their new digital camera. We can all agree that sometimes it’s  nice when someone else makes our life easier by making the decision for us.  

    Now that you know some of the benefits of offering product bundles, you might be wondering how to decide which products to bundle.The answer: look for buyer behaviour patterns, and see what customers buy together to identify opportunities. Use your expertise in the field and curate products that compliment each other, such as a collection of essentials for a summer holiday. e.g. a body wash, a body lotion, a perfume and a carry bag.

    One of the benefits of having Tradegecko integrated with your Shopify eCommerce is that it allows you sell your bundles online while keeping tracking of your inventory levels. Whether you are selling an item individually or as a bundle, TradeGecko calculates your stock levels in real time. If you’re running Shopify POS, you can even publish your composite products directly to the checkout so your sales staff can sell it in store. If you have wholesale customers, you can also utilise Tradegecko B2B portal.

    Interested in setting up product bundles on your Shopify store? TradeGecko lets you:

    Calculate how many bundles you have through composite products.

    Selling a mixture of individual items and combo products? Tradegecko helps you to calculate how many bundles you have available based on each item’s stock level, while still being able to report on the stock levels of individual variants.

    Track sales and inventory levels of these products.

    Quickly report on each product bundles, including inventory levels, best sellers and profit margin. See your average order value increase and even set your re-ordering points so you don’t run out of popular items.

    Sell in pack sizes.

    If you would like to sell in multiples of the same product or variant, Tradegecko just introduced pack size functionality so that you can sell in 6 packs, 12 packs or more.

    Now that you know more about product bundles, check Tradegecko’s tutorialbelow and start bundling today!