Read & Listen: 8 of the best business sites and podcasts

Read & Listen: 8 of the best business sites and podcasts

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If you’re running an online business or running a retail store (or both!), it’s a good idea to stay in-the-know on business trends. Here are our top picks to learn from the best.


StartUp Podcast

StartUp is one of the top podcasts out there - not just in the business category, but in any category. We highly recommend the first season, in which creator Alex Blumberg narrates his own business story. From arguments over deciding on a name for the business to intimate conversations about work-life balance, we guarantee that the stories in this podcast will resonate with any business owner.

Listen to: #1: How Not To Pitch a Billionaire

HBR Ideacast

Straight from the Harvard School of Business, the
HBR Ideacast is a mix of interviews, talks, and case studies on business and entrepreneurship. There’s over 500 episodes, and while some of them might be more relevant to you than others, it’s business insight coming from the best in the business.



Listen to: Best of the Ideacast

BBC Business Daily

What does Brexit mean for the global economy? Does gender matter in leadership? Where do the millennials live? Business Daily from the BBC World Service is our go-to spot for up-to-date analysis of issues and happenings in the world’s business landscape.

Listen to: Australia’s Drought

Planet Money

Created by National Public Radio in Washington, D.C., the Planet Money team packages economy-related topics into conversational, easy-to-understand segments. If economics isn’t your thing, we recommend this one - it might just change your mind!

Listen to: #502: The Afterlife of a T-Shirt


The Shopify Blog

This one’s an obvious must-read: the official Shopify Blog.From case studies, official product announcements, and how-tos, it’s a huge resource for everything Shopify-related.

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eCommerce Fuel Blog

An online community for high six- and seven-figure eCommerce merchants, the eCommerce Fuel team knows a thing or two about successful online stores. Their blog features interviews, guides, and more.

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The Age Business

Did you know that online streaming is taking over Australia? Or that an iconic heritage building is for sale in Melbourne? You would, if you read the business section of The Age. Stay up-to-date on trends around the world, and in your community, so that you can be ready for any market changes or new innovations.

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Fast Company Design

If you’re in a creative industry, Fast Company Design is a must-read. Even if you’re not working in a design-oriented field, you’ll find relevant articles on this site. It’s full of inspiration for web design, branding, and more - and we love the zigzag design of their site.

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