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    Improving Efficiency for Your Shopify Business

    Improving Efficiency for Your Shopify Business

    Nowadays, many small businesses are using Shopify in a bid to get online and sell their products. An article from Forbes mentions how over one million retailers currently use their platform, including popular brands like Kylie Cosmetics, KitchenAid, and Heinz. Because of the rising competition from brands in your sector, maximising your efficiency and taking certain measures can help increase your overall presence.


    1. Integrate some apps

    To make the most of your platform, installing certain apps can elevate the Shopify shopping experience. For instance, the Swell app provides rewards to customers for subscribing to your newsletter or making repeat purchases. It’s also free for up to 100 orders per month, which is perfect for small businesses. In addition, Gorilla Lab can help integrate a cloud-based point of sale system for your Shopify website, streamlining the order process for consumers instore. This way, customers will walk away with a better experience and be more likely to come back for future transactions.


    1. Work on your visuals

    For customers, being able to navigate through your website easily is a giant plus. In the Black describes how user experience should be a major focus. This means putting key information in easily accessible areas of your page and making your pricing and descriptions accurate. Using themes that show off your products to their full potential as well as high-quality photography will ensure that customers have an enjoyable browsing experience. Don’t be afraid of using negative space and white borders to avoid making everything look too cluttered.


    1. Save the best for last

    When it comes to maximising your efficiency, it helps if you plan out your week so that you can relax towards the end. Get all of the difficult things out of the way on your to-do-list and power through them in decreasing order of difficulty. An article on business productivity tips by Verizon Connect outlines how doing your least favourite tasks first can help cut down on procrastination and alleviate stress for your Shopify business. By the end of the working week, the tasks you have left to do are relatively easier and more enjoyable. This way, you’ll be able to face dreaded Mondays with more energy.


    1. Prioritise customer experience

    Nothing can hurt your brand’s reputation more quickly than negative feedback. To resolve any issues as soon as possible, you should try your best to address questions and concerns in a timely manner. Retail Customer Experience explains how having a web chat feature on your Shopify store is a more speedy alternative to e-mails and phone calls. Alternatively, integrating a chatbot on your platform can address basic queries and redirect more complex questions to a live representative.

    Finally, if you don’t already have one, creating a blog can help attract potential customers to your Shopify store. Business2Community writes how providing useful content can help your store rank higher on search engines, advertise new products, and show off your achievements. Finding ways to continually update and innovate your store will help you achieve long-term success.


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