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    Shopify POS Hardware | Star Micronics mPOP | Why we LOVE it!


    Moving to Shopify or already using their eCommerce for your online store?

    Reasons to read:

    ●  Looking for Shopify POS hardware

    ●  Shopify POS receipt printer and cash drawer

    ●  Compatible devices with Shopify, Vend, Hike and Timely

    ●  iPad Based POS Systems

    ●  Pros and Cons of the Star Micronics mPOP cash drawer & receipt printer

    So, you’re looking for a Shopify POS receipt printer and cash drawer? Maybe you’re ahead of the game and want to know more about the Star Micronics mPOP All-In-One? We’re here to help. We’re here to tell you why we love it, as do the retail shoppers that use it. 

    Let's start with what it is and why you should consider it. 

    The Star Micronics mPoP is an 'All-In-One,' POS hardware device, which connects via Bluetooth with your POS application on your iPad. It combines the traditional requirements of cash-handling and receipt printing into a stylish, unified, and modern POS checkout. It's a cash drawer, receipt printer, and an iPad stand. It's everything you need to process sales quickly and efficiently at the checkout.

    Want to make things faster? Add in the optional Star Micronics mPOP USB barcode scanner.

    or our the Socket Mobile s700 wireless Bluetooth barcode scanner.

    (We'll talk more about this later)

    Star Micronics (who originated in Japan) were revolutionary in their design of the mPOP. They targeted a gap in the market for iPad-based retail POS systems, removing the clutter of the retail counter and combining this into one system that is both elegant and sleek in its design.


    The mPOP provides retailers with a boutique-style checkout with the robustness, reliability and quality hardware that Star Micronics is known for. There is a reason that Shopify POS only integrates with the Star Micronics brand, as does any reputable cloud-based POS system (Vend, DEAR, HikePOS, Timely, etc.). They are at the forefront of technology in this space, and they are renowned for manufacturing reliable receipt printers.

    When first introduced to the Star mPoP at the Melbourne Retail Expo in 2017, we fell in love at first sight. However, we were curious to know how reliable it was and what the warranty support was like in the event of hardware failure. Two years later its track record has been excellent. Over this time we've had few calls through hundreds of sales and supporting it has been a breeze. For the odd occasion when we organised a return for a warranty service check, Star Micronics provided a quick turnaround. 

    Before we get into more pros, let’s highlight some cons.

    There's honestly not much to list. If you handle lots of coins, the cash drawer is smaller than a standard old school till. That’s the primary concern. 

    If you have been in retail for a long while however, you've noticed (as have we) that these days customers "Tap" for pretty much everything. The reality is that this “Tapping” is the way of the future. Every day we head towards a much higher frequency of card payments and digital currencies. This means that a smaller cash drawer is not so much of a compromise.

    One more thing to take into consideration - which is possibly more of benefit to most - is that the iPad stand is not fixed. This means that you can easily pick up your iPad at any time to make a sale anywhere in-store (or take it home at night to catch up with the latest on your streaming service). For others, this may present a security concern, though this can be easily resolved with a Kensington locking cable.

    If the cons apply to your store, check out our robust Shopify POS Standard Kit which is the second most popular of our compatible Shopify Hardware range. 

    Shopify POS - Events and Pop-Ups
    Planning on attending expos, trade shows, or events? That's where the versatility of the mPOP shines. Step up your professionalism and style and stand out from the crowd. Pack it up and take it with you to events. All you need is power and to hotspot from your phone or use a 3G/4G dongle. Charge your EFTPOS terminal and you're ready to transact in real-time, handout receipts, handle cash, and take payments on-the-fly.

    POS Receipts
    Did we mention Star Micronics has worked out a way to print receipts that don't curl, without having to iron them? Do you know the age-old problem of printed receipts that curl and roll off the counter while you're still handling the cash? That’s a thing of the past with the mPOP.
    So how does this all work? Is it going to be difficult to set up?
    The standalone Star mPoP takes less than 15-20 minutes to set up and connect with your iPad (including unboxing). Depending on your choices with the optional Star barcode scanner or the socket mobile s700 it can take a little longer.
    Either way, we offer FREE 30 minutes support with every mPoP purchase if your skills are not technology. We are here to help guide you through the process.

    Troubleshooting the mPOP
    In the rare event that a problem occurs, Star Micronics has an application for troubleshooting. Download and install the mPOP app from the Apple App Store to configure additional settings like the 'BlueTooth Auto-reconnect' or to test the cash drawer and receipt printer to determine if a warranty return is required.
    Shopify POS Barcode Scanner– which one to choose?
    You're probably here wondering - should you go for the optional Star Micronics barcode scanner or the Socket Mobile s700 Bluetooth scanner?
    The Socket Mobile s700 barcode scanner is for you if you are planning to use a cloud-based inventory management system integrated with Shopify. Or, if you need to scan a bucket-load of manufacturers barcodes when setting up your products in Shopify. It also future-proofs your hardware investment for the day Shopify provides StockTake functionality within the app.
    Our personal preference is a combination of the mPOP with the s700 barcode scanner and charging dock.




    Socket Mobile s700 1D Barcode Scanner + Charging Dock

    This is what our clients use for DEAR Inventory and TradeGecko stocktakes. Pair the s700 with your laptop, and you're ready to count stock like the Flash!

    Whether you're on Shopify, moving to Shopify, or upgrading from an old school POS system -  we think the mPOP is a 'Star' and a great investment for your brick and mortar retail store.

    Still undecided? Have questions? Give us a Call.

    Shopify POS Experts

    We are the only certified Shopify POS hardware reseller in Australia that is certified Shopify Expects too. We have helped hundreds of retailers like you move to Shopify.

    We offer 30 minutes FREE setup support for any hardware sale too.


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