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    14 Shopify Web Stores We Love

    When it comes to designing your Shopify online store, the possibilities are endless. However, Shopify stores have many things in common: they’re all easy to navigate, customer-friendly, and beautifully designed. Here are a few of our favorite Shopify-based stores we’ve found on the web (and the things we would buy from them!)


    1. Pop Chart

    A company created by a book editor and a graphic designer, Pop Chart Lab turns data into beautiful, graphical representation. Because their main product is so visual, being able to showcase their products in a simple, well-designed way is essential.

    What we’d buy:Thisprint breaking down the ‘exceptional expressions of espresso’ - from doppio to a double latte, we bet this would come in handy when navigating Melbourne’s coffee culture.


    2. So Worth Loving

    This shop began as an inspirational blog on Tumblr, and we love the positive, empowering messages emblazoned on t-shirts, mirrors, bracelets, and other products.

    What we’d buy:this25-pack of ‘Hey ____, you are so worth loving’ cards. We’d give them to our clients, our friends, our baristas.


    3. Master & Dynamic

    Audio company Master & Dynamic has a ‘philosophy’ in lieu of an ‘about’ page: they’re a premier audio company obsessed with sound and creativity. Their store provides a look at their products from multiple angles, and the product page provides a zoomed-in look at the details of each item.

    What we’d buy: These wirelessover-ear headphones - great for catching up on ourfavorite podcasts about ecommerce and entrepreneurship.


    4. Little Sparrow Tea

    This London-based tea company believes that “life is too short to drink rubbish tea,” and we agree. Renaming the shopping cart ‘your teapot’ is a nice personal touch!

    What we’d buy: theCranberry Vanilla herbal tea blend - a perfect warmer for the cold winter nights in Melbourne.


    5. Common Deer

    Common Deer is a Vermont-based company that believes in ‘the act of fully embracing the story behind each purchase and gift’. They sell home goods, products for men and women, and gifts.

    What we’d buy: thisMaine Woolens Oakley Plaid Throw - a cozy, American-inspired blanket for the wintertime.


    6. Mammoth & Co.

    Mammoth is an artist-run business, and their design background shines in their online store. We love the hand-drawn buttons used to filter art by media type!

    What we’d buy: Thisprint of the Rockies from artist Troy Moth - it reminds us of the mountains in Tasmania, one of our favorite holiday destinations.


    7. Uproot Wines

    Uproot is a winery that’s reimagining wine. They’re focused on fun, honesty, and rule-breaking, and their simple wine label is as design-oriented as their online store.

    What we’d buy: ThisRaaka chocolate gift set - three bars of chocolate and a bottle of wine. We’d share it with a friend (maybe).


    8. Salt Surf

    SALT SURF is an apparel, surfboard, and skateboard store inspired by New York City and California. We love the clean look of their blog and their detail-oriented approach to highlighting the shaping process of their surfboards.

    What we’d buy:This dusty purple surfboard, Juan - an ideal complement to a Great Ocean Road trip or a Torquay surf stop.


    9. Tattly

    Tattly is a temporary tattoo store for ‘design-minded kids and kids-at-heart’. The store organizes designs by theme, sets, custom options, and more.

    What we’d buy: thered bike set from designer Katie Evans - a perfect accessory for a weekend ride through Fitzroy.


    10. Bellroy

    Australian-based company Bellroy has the coolest wallets we’ve ever seen. They also sell phone covers, passport holders, and more. We love the videos they feature for their product - a beautiful, unique way to highlight the features of a product.

    What we’d buy: Thisthree-card phone case. So useful!


    11. A Book Apart

    A Book Apart offers brief, detailed books on web design. Making websites can be difficult and overwhelming, and these books break down topics into easy, straightforward categories.

    What we’d buy:You’re My Favorite Client, a book all about the importance of client relationships. We think of our clients as partners and friends, and we love the idea of a book dedicated to this relationship!


    12. Holloway Eyewear

    Gorgeous eyewear with wooden details and vintage-style design, handcrafted in Queensland.

    What we’d buy: These standout, trendyOlympia Optical lenses.  


    13. Map World

    We love all things map-related, and Map World is the perfect place for any map we need. There’s even a section called ‘future maps’ with more unique maps.

    What we’d buy: This space-age stylewide-angle world map. Map world provides a warning for this map: “This map is approximately a million times more beautiful in real life than on your computer screen. The luminous colour and glossy metallics have been known to cause palpitations, so have a chair ready when it arrives”.


    14. 53

    It’s a pencil…. For an iPad? We love this stylish stylus. It would make a great addition to an iPad Point of Sale system!

    What we’d buy: this Walnut woodpencil that works on iPads, iPhones, and more.